With our seaside pop-up in full swing, we've curated a list of our beloved hotspots in & around Knokke. Join us on an exploration of the finest destinations, where sea meets sand and memories are etched in the coolest settings.
Dive with us into a world of sun, sea, and sensational places for a perfect seaside getaway.
1) Glacier de la Poste
Just a 3-minute stroll from our pop-up, you'll discover the finest ice cream parlor in Knokke and its surroundings. Our favorite? The mango sorbet.
2) Famouz Beach Club
Need a quick pit stop after all that shopping? Right across our doorstep, you'll find Famouz. A charming beach bar where you can unwind and relish a glass of rosé with your toes in the sand.
3) Pinot
A wine shop & food table concept in the heart of Knokke.
They pair and share a range of pure products: fine (natural) wines and food for the soul. A must-visit for interior lovers too!
4) ZUT
Staying at the seaside with kids?
Zut is a well-established name when it comes to children's toys.
But it's so much more than just a toy store! They also offer delightful home decor items and everything you need to create the most beautiful flowers to sell on the beach.
5) Surfer's Paradise
A gem for surf lovers, and guess what? Your furry friend is welcome too! They rent out boards and wetsuits for those spontaneous surf urges. Drinks and bites are available, and during the summer, they even host BBQ and paella nights. Its little sister 'Lake-side Paradise' embodies the same vibe, with lake-side boarding and a global cuisine that'll whisk you away.
6) Our favorite shops
Needless to say that Knokke is the perfect destination for a day brimming with shopping delights. That's why we're sharing two of our favorite shopping spots, conveniently located not far from our very own pop-up.
Collector's Club
7) 't Werftje
Wrap up your day at 't Werftje, because what better way to savor the seaside than indulging in the finest shrimp croquettes and seafood?! Just a bike ride away from Knokke, nestled in Zeebrugge's harbor. Whether you choose to bask in the boat-dotted ambiance outside or cozy up indoors, it's a must-try!
Eager to visit Knokke too? 
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