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Our bags are made to last,
and that’s why we want to give you the opportunity
to make them just that bit extra special.

Get your name or initials engraved,
so the whole world can see that it’s yóur eye-catcher.


Visit us in Westerlo - where all engraving takes place -,
or just hit the ‘engraving’ option at the checkout of our webshop.

An engraving costs €10, and once your name or initials are eternalised on the bag,
it cannot be exchanged.

Engraving is - for now - only possible on the strap of our bags. Engraving is not possible on our lacquer bags and wallets. On textured leather, the engraving is less visible than on pure leather.

It takes up to 5 business days to finish,
so please be aware that it can’t be done on the spot in our stores.

Questions? Ask us below!

Let’s make your bag unique!

Contact us

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