Mieke, mom and modern lady boss

Meet Mieke Dierckx, a 30-something Belgian designer with a big heart for leather goods. After studying interior and furniture design, followed by a master in jewellery design, Mieke started her own brand in 2012. Her studies influence her approach on creating handbags in a less conventional way. Being a boys mom and a modern lady boss at the same time, she loves to be inspired by everyday life.


In her latest collections, the 3D aspect comes to life

through a vibrant mix of clashing colours.

Sophisticated, timeless pieces

At the beginning, Mieke experimented with a laser cutting technique to create new 3D patterns. This way of working clearly defined her first collections Couleur Caché and Alter Ego. While the playful scales remain, Mieke now uses other techniques to design sophisticated, timeless pieces. Understanding architecture and design, form and function are vital. In her latest collections, the 3D aspect comes to life through a vibrant mix of clashing colours creating an atypical palette.

Dedicated craftsmanship

Every object, from clutch to crossbody bag, is made with love by Mieke in her atelier in Westerlo and produced by dedicated craftsman. She always opts for the best materials and crisp colour combinations. After all these years, every item still is a recognizable piece of Belgian design that embodies the power of minimalism with the right balance of modern elegancy.


p.s.: didn’t find what you were looking for? Know that colours can be switched and models can be adapted. Being a true designer, Mieke is always in for a custom made piece.

She experimented with laser techniques cutting out specific patterns in textile and leather to give it a three-dimensional look. This resulted in a collection of hand bags, wallets and scarves, some in limited editions and others as unique pieces.