Let’s put a face to the name: meet Mieke.
Founder of the label.
With two boys and a household to run, she lets herself be inspired by daily life. She loves designing functional, yet modern and colorful bags that accompany you on your route to school, your weekly trip to the supermarket or a fancy dinner party.
Mieke started her own label in 2012 after graduating in interior- and jewelry design. She designed a handbag to match her jewelry graduation project and people were completely blown away by the laser and 3D techniques she used.
She discovered her passion for designing, but had never touched a sewing machine in her life. Fortunately, her mom did, so she taught Mieke how to translate her drawings into a real handbag. And so her first collection, “Brick by Brick” was born, where she cut out small square shapes from the leather, so the colorful lining behind it became visible. She kept on experimenting with different techniques and designed the playful ‘Scales’ collection. To this day, the shape of the scale is a signature to almost every one of her designs. After her mom passed away, she was determined to push through on building her label and managed to find a production facility in Portugal that matches her values.

Mieke Dierckx handbags have a modern, yet timeless look that you can match with your own style for many years to come. Some of our designs are even versatile, where you can mix and match belts and bags to make the perfect outfit combination. Mieke loves to play around with different textures and colors, but loves it even more when customers make outfit combinations that she herself hadn’t even thought of.
It’s such a waste to save a beautifully designed handbag for special occasions. It should accompany you from one adventure to the next. That’s why Mieke hand picks high quality leather, so her bags can stand the test of time. She finds absolute joy in stories from customers who give their daughters a bag for their graduation or messages from people telling her that they love and cherish their bags everyday.

Building a brand is something you do together with amazing people. The Mieke Dierckx team is a close community of driven personalities that we can count on. Come and meet them!
Marketing & Sales assistant
Mieke’s partner in crime and the motivator of the team.
Studied law, but got carried away with her passion for photography
Can’t take the Kempen out of this girl either
A chaotic, but vibrant spirit that will always find a way to get things done

Stock & webshopmanager
Loes graduated as Interior architect and started her career in real estate. Her love for design was never far away so she decided it was time for a new challenge as webshop & stock-manager of our team!
She will be active on different areas and loves the contact with clients.
Having a question about a bag or the brand? You have a high chance in meeting her through mail, then!
She's the structure to our chaos. ;-)

All motivated people with smiling faces in the shops, during our sales, …
We just can’t do it without their help!
For our 10Y anniversary we made an exclusive Mini Briefcase especially for them.