Our bags are made to last

Our bags are designed to last a lifetime.

You’ll carry your favorites on your daily adventures and if you want them to keep doing so, they will need some tender loving care from time to time. 

That’s why we searched for products that match our values as a fashion brand. We’re a huge fan of the products of Collonil (1909) because we’ve tested those thoroughly. Next to that they have the certified sustainable label and they provide products without fluochemicals PFOA and PFOS. Their products have valuable waxes and oils that will protect the texture and color of the leather. 


We made a selection of the products that you can use for your handbag, depending on the type of leather. You can find the products here

How to give your bag some tender loving care? 

We’ve gathered some steps, tips & tricks for you to cream, clean, spray and love your Mieke Dierckx even more.
Read all about it at our care & repair page