Not long after releasing her first collection, Mieke started looking into outsourcing her production to a high quality atelier. She visited many production facilities across Europe, but there was only one atelier in Portugal that checked all the boxes: dedicated craftsmanship, small & family oriented, local entrepreneurship, ‘a click’, …
They’ve been working together for years now and the atelier has become a loyal partner and contributor to the Mieke Dierckx collection. Mieke visits the facility on a regular basis and is always welcomed with open arms. The owner and production manager introduces her to other local partners, she advises her on repairs and material use, … It’s become a second home. Not only the owner gets excited when Mieke comes to town, but also the craftswomen can’t wait to see what new designs and colors she has in store for them. Everyone’s so dedicated to her work, it’s a match made in heaven.
The facility employs 40 women to make high quality leather accessories by hand. They’re all skilled professionals that know the ropes of every step in the process. They’re not assigned to handling one task only. A rotation schedule is applied to ensure a healthy and ergonomic work environment to keep them motivated and to keep their skills on point.

The fact that this facility employs only women is just a happy coincidence, but we’re immensely proud of it! They want to encourage locals to keep the leather craftsmanship alive and offer new employees a 2 year training to learn all the skills.